Mosmos from HWZ talks abt the McGriddle

Posted: April 16, 2008 by ralliart12 in Tummilicious
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Some of you McDonald’s breakfast regulars may have noticed McDonald’s SG sneaky addition to its breakfast ensemble: the McGriddle. Here at RR, we are very pleased to have de facto food guru, mosmos from Hardwarezone forums, to give his opinions to this lovely breakfast bite. Over to you mosmos!

McGriddles Sausage & Egg

First look, it’s taller then any other Mac breakfast burgers, though width is the same.

This burger does not come in the usual breakfast muffin bread. It looks like 2 thick slices of bread with the M logo. Upon closer look, it is very moist with brown colour patches visible all over the “bread”.

My first touch on the burger. It’s all round very oily. They must have cooked or dipped the “bread” in oil or butter. Though, no smell of any butter, maybe margarine.

Upon first bite, it’s soft and smooth on outside, rough inside. Texture and taste somewhat like a pancake, except it’s much thicker and contains more moisture and oil. “Bread” has also absorbed some oil which is a little not for my liking. Bite in further, there’s some little sort of sweet sticky syrup in the “bread”. Though smell and taste nothing like honey, more like sugar syrup or maple syrup.

I guess Mac has reused their pancake powder and maple syrup for making this “bread”, cooked in a round shaped mould with M logo.

Ok, now the part eating with the usual Mac breakfast ingredients which are salty, orange cheese, white sausage patty and fry round sunny egg.

Surprisingly, there’s a fulfilment in eating such a tall breakfast burger from Mac, soft and big mouthful. Usually Mac breakfast burgers are dry, flattened and quite hard on jaws, for the first bite in the morning. Sweet with salty, quite a nice combo for those who like multiple flavourings. After eating, it’s like eaten 2 burgers in your stomach, oily feeling and full.

Overall: 7/10


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