the Ultimate series ~:~ Nope, this Blackbird is not retired…

Posted: April 13, 2008 by ralliart12 in Technopia
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FYI, the Blackbird I’m gonna talk about next, is NOT the SR71 that was not-so-recently retired by USAF (come on, the whole world knows you have Aurora, so stop trying to keep it a secret). What I am gonna introduce next, is the absolut leader in extreme gaming desktop PC. It was meant to be a competitor to the Dell+Alienware combo, but I guess HP “accidentally” obliterated the entire competition..oops

Some ppl have feedback that my site is too “techie-oriented”, so I’m gonna just give the three minute low-down on this killer of a system (based on HP’s USD$5,000 “ALPHA configuration”):

  • liquid-cooled + heat pipes = maximum cooling with no fan noise
  • full cast aluminum NON-magnetic casing = take that, Mac Pro, we are 1 giant heat sink too
  • 1.1 kilowatt PSU = 4 times that of “lesser” PCs
  • 10000RPM Raptor drive = take that, SCSI fan-boys
  • Integrated support for RAID 5 & 5 drive bays = woo-hoo
  • Tool-less entry = special tool within chassis + gooseneck LED illumination, of course, built right into the chassis as well

for those who wanna find out more, go here & be awed. Period.

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