the Astro Boy ticker…

Posted: April 12, 2008 by ralliart12 in de la Haute Horlogerie
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That’s my first mechanical watch. Simply beautiful isn’t it? Got it for $220 @ one of those Action City outlets. In fact, I had to go through all the outlets to find a piece without a scratched glass. Otherwise I could have gotten it easily and cheaply at Mu’ee, Plaza Singapura for $180.

I like it because its not too kiddish & reveals just enough of its inner workings without being an overwhelming pure skeleton watch. Unfortunately, due to my negligence, moisture and scratches has accumulated on it and I’m simply worried its heartbeat will stop someday soon 😦

I really love this baby…please dun die…

  1. SnOwAnGeL says:

    Think this is already a piece of art by itself. The shot that you took further perfects it. Guess its the lighting and position, well done! Simply mesmerizing 🙂
    I love it too, really hope it’ll survive…

  2. 3firstnameboy says:

    hey ive been looking all over the place for this watch, would you happen to know where i might be able to find one?

    • ralliart12 says:

      Lovely, isn’t it? I tried looking for another piece in Singapore & even online, to no avail. I do, however, hope to repair my existing piece when I have some dough to spare.

  3. Kayden says:

    I have a similiar one. If you want I can sell to you. Still look new with proper care.

  4. Kayden says:

    Go carousell find “cheriyou”.

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