Finally the pairing is complete…

Posted: April 12, 2008 by ralliart12 in 1-hour notebook
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EDIT: apparently must have “saved a draft” or cocked up while I was editing this post…now this draft is empty when I retrieved it…damn…anyway since I got some photos to refer to in my PhotoBucket account, I shall try to re-enact this post.

I bought a new mousepad: the Razer eXactMat. If you are wondering why I did not purchase the now-available Razer mousepad flagship – the Razer Destructor, well, firstly, it’s expensive and may, just may be a tad too wide for the space on my computer desk designated for mouse mats. Secondly, the eXactMat offers 2 different types of surfaces for a much lower price (since it’s not that new a model), so why not?

I’ve always wondered why certain mousepads have a curved edge as their bottom side, but when I got the eXactMat it finally makes sense to me the curved-in edge allows the mousepad to accomodate a wrist rest without occupying too much additional room. It also allows the user’s hand to “grab” the mouse without straining over the additional distance caused from a raised surface external to an otherwise “regular, squared-edged” mousepad. I must also mentioned why I prefer the wrist rest by Razer is because of the very low profile it possesses as you can see from the photo…which without will result in me cranking/arching very wrist terribly in order to “grab” my mouse. And that defeats the purpose of a wrist rest.

So anyway, the 2 types of surfaces, speed and control aid me specifically and greatly in everyday internet surfing/browsing/scrolling as well as delicate tasks such system maintenance and photoshop sessions respectively.

Thus, this concludes the pairing of my Razer “mousing” suite, welcoming the new joy or precision input device & control surfaces!


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