CS3254 presenation finale

Posted: April 9, 2008 by ralliart12 in academia
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Well, presentation for Assignment 2 is finally over. Before I highlight a few significant pointers…

Sincerely apologize to my team members for me being late this morning; I believe we all know I did a great “save”, but still…sincere & deepest apologies on my part.

That said, Ms Elizabeth dished out a few pointers that we can improve upon:

  • always ensure a flow, i.e. all modules/section in your presentation should be “connected” to each other
  • make heavy references to your submitted proposal(if you have one)
  • Management is not here to see a generic solution; they want a customized plan
  • On a related note, thorough analysis of the case study but you slap it with a generic plan? What a waste
  • Where’s your “Agenda” page (especially so if presenting to management{also, gives your audience a rough guage when the presentation is about to end})?
  • Why should we choose your company as our solution provider(I think my team did this subtly)?

As always, my #1 rule:

“Use every single situation & component in your environment. To your advantage 😉 ”

  1. SnOwAnGeL says:

    So, what’s the “save” about? Share with us leh…

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