SoC students versus Biz students

Posted: March 25, 2008 by ralliart12 in academia, Roadblocks
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So, I was chilling at the Biz canteen the other day, & I realized the foolproof way to differentiate a NUS SoC student from a NUS BizAd student: NUS BizAd students are happy, smiling all day long; while SoC students, well, we typically always look as if a server has just crashed somewhere…

Dun believe? Try it out, pop into COM1, grab any random, or as they say in Computing, “arbitrary” SoC undergrad & see if he/she is smiling. The seniors are not much better, the best they can do? Look serious, but nope, no smiles here. Anyway, sad to say, this will be the last semester (I heard) that I can still try out for a transfer.

Passion for consumer electronics != Passion for computing…:-(

  1. IdyllicFaintSmile says:

    Quite true, pal!

    We all have mechanical problems, identity crisis, disorientation, lost in despair, aiming inconsistency, frail and weak…

    And no place for loser like me 😥

  2. Sneha says:

    Hahah! that’s very true.. I think the other way to differentiate is their dressing sense. Biz students are always well dressed;either in formals or colourful & stylish attire whereas every soc student wears the same old shorts and t-shirt!
    Nevertheless proud to be a soc-ian 🙂

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