Bryophyllum Plant

Posted: March 20, 2008 by ralliart12 in ScratchPad
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“Among the Crassulaceae, the genus Bryophyllum is best known for many of its species having the ability to produce plantlets on their leaves. Although this ability is unique to Bryophyllum, only a few species in the genus and their hybrids have the ability to do so. It is not found among all the species of Bryophyllum. Some species of Bryophyllum produce plantlets on the floral stems instead.”

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So, rachel2108, this is the plant to seek for your Young Botanist quest, & I will help you source for it, but you have to perform the observation yourself.


Another very useful web page is here.

  1. MikixKio6 says:

    Good way of thinking. I like it. Thank you for posting

  2. ralliart12 says:

    @MikixKio6: You’re welcome =)

  3. William H. Foy says:

    I use this variety of Bryophyllum [pictured] as a bedding plant. My location is mid-eastern Alabama [it gets VERY hot, and quite cold], ZONE 8. Some of them reach 3 feet high by summer’s end, plus an additional 2 1/2 feet with bloom stalk. The hanging “bell” flowers are beautiful.
    Although they die back in the winter, every spring I have a new crop—but I always bring several pots of them inside for winter, just in case it gets too cold for too long. They make striking beds grown en masse, and adding colorful perinniels makes a beautiful contrast with the interesting pale, dusty green leaves.
    Every year I give hundreds of “babies” away to visitors to my home, assisted-living and nursing home facilities, and local schools. I began growing them in college in the ’70s, along with several of their “cousins”.

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