Posted: March 15, 2008 by ralliart12 in ScratchPad
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Hi peeps. As you can probably tell, this is an intermission. I’m gonna pause the addition of new posts & take the time to tidy up the old ones, i.e. feathering the photos, doing proper paragraphing & alignment of text blocks, etc. I urge fellow contributors to adhere to proper formatting as well, to make it easier for our readers to leaf through the posts.

A few of my friends have commented that my blog is too “techie“, whereas one commented it appears as if I’m promoting the products. Rest assure, r@lLi4rt12’s r3PosiT0ry has no product affliation (unless I get sponsored) & I will amend my writing style to cater for the “less-geeky” crowd. I will also try to make my life more interesting, if that helps.

Here’s a hasty shout-out to the latest addition to the team, SnOwAnGeL & rachel2108. A proper introduction for both is necessary, albeit at a later time. Perhaps I can get them to write their own intro.

We also have our 1st external comment from Robson; check it out here.

So check back next week, & see if the new style will appeal to your senses. Thanx for all the feedback readers, much appreciate.

P.S. finally the freaking CS2106 mid-term & MA1505 mid-term is over. 1 more paper to conquer: CS3254…


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