Windows Tips #1: ‘Modify’ AcroRd32Info.exe to Free Up Memory

Posted: March 13, 2008 by IdyllicFaintSmile in 1-hour notebook
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Back in the old days when I was still a Windows user, a light-weighted and fast PDF reader was vital given the amount of PDF notes we received daily at university. FoxitReader was my best friend then. FoxitReader was almost perfect but not there yet especially when it came to printing. Certain graphics and PS text couldn’t be printed properly, instead you would get black boxes. Well, I reluctantly installed Adobe Acrobat Reader 8 just for the purpose of printing.

And well, what did I got in my XP box after I installed, “AcroRd32Info.exe” situated idly and happily in the background and eating my memory resources whenever I open a folder containing PDF files. And no, I didn’t open a single PDF file in it. I have a habit of checking my Process Manager whenever I install a piece of new software. Well, I went through the Adobe forum as well as google search engine to find out more about this behaviour.

Well, AcroRd32Info prefetch PDF documents into memory (aka preloading). I was puzzled why Adobe Reader can load faster than my champion FoxitReader. Adobe Reader cheated! Well, I fully understand that Adobe wants to improve access time for its reader. But setting up a background prefetcher in explorer and not to mention its running without the owner permissions is extremely unsightly for a giant like Adobe.

~* The Fix *~
Well, initially I was pretty disgusted by AcroRd32Infor.exe behaviour, I did it in a brute way:

  • Open Explorer, browse to Program Files/Adobe/Reader 8/Reader (the reader version is depend on the version you installed on your computer : 8 or 8.1 etc)
  • Locate AcroRd32Info.exe
  • Rename it to un_AcroRd32Info.exe (or whatever the name you are pleased with)

Voila, you get rid of the nasty prefetcher. Do this whenever you upgrade/update your Adobe Reader.

That’s pretty inelegant way of doing thing. After I switched to Ubuntu, I found a more elegant way to fix it, of course by exploring Adobe Reader for Linux again.

  • Open Adobe Reader 8.1.
  • From the main menu, choose Edit » Preferences.
    Short-cut: Ctrl + K
  • Select the Internet categories in the menu list then untick “Allow fast web view” & “Allow speculative downloading in the background”

If it still doesn’t gone from your system after a reboot, just use my brute force method 😛


  1. ralliart12 says:

    I do not have “AcroRd32Info.exe” in my background (& no, I didn’t explicitly disable it); I have “acrotray.exe” in my background though, which consumes 8MB of memory…still pisses me off…

    For those who just wanna VIEW PDF files, u can try Sumatra PDF viewer:

    It’s a single exe, & even lighter than Foxit. Comes with shortcut keys that are very similar to Gmail & Google Reader.

    & oh yah, it’s open-source, if u r into that sorta thing…

  2. Anonymous says:

    LOL. My information is outdated I presume.

    Anyway, Sumatrapdf is a reader and nothing more. You can’t highlight or select text which is a major concern for lots of people.

  3. J says:

    It may be a little out of date but thanks for the head up.

  4. mike says:

    I’ve ditched acrobat all together hogs alot of ram. Install foxit pdf viewer, its small and fast.

  5. ralliart12 says:

    Hi mike, I dislike Acrobat’s memory footprint too, but may I know what do u use to CREATE .pdf files?

  6. Eric C says:

    I agree process hogs should not be allowed to pig the resources without my knowledge.

    I find Process Lasso and Process Guard very good at reigning in the offenders.

  7. http403 says:


    I use acroRd32.exe for silent printing. I did try renaming AcroRd32Info.exe to free up memory.
    However sometimes I get errors like can not conect DDE server. Multiple instances of Acrord32.exe is seen in the processes. I am looking for a light weight pdf reader and silent printing solution which i can rely on. can you help me?

  8. AdobeHunter says:

    Renaming acrord32info.exe or acrobatinfo.exe won’t help. changing the option in preference won’t help neither. Deleting reg keys related to those processes works for a month and the processes came back. Use GPO and 3rd party GP management tool, won’t kill the processes ran with SYSTEM account. only killed processes ran with user account. Created a ps1 file (powershell script) to find the process and kill, worked, but it has to be running constantly. At last, found “process blocker” which is a 3rd party utility, it works perfect. Please do not waist your time to resolve the Daobe process issue. Just get the free 3rd party util “process blocker” and that is the best bandage for now.

  9. logopedant says:

    Thenks. Works. Uff! 🙂 Greetings

  10. DJNB says:

    worked like a charm. thanks.

  11. Toby says:

    Usually not on but sometimes, when the computer’s slow and I’m checking taskmanager, it’ll pop up for no apparent reason. I’ve already unchecked the two boxes and I won’t have anything on that’s downloading pdf thumbnails so I don’t know why AcroRd32Info.exe turns on. Guess I’ll have to go check the Windows32 folder and hope it’s not a virus.

  12. Barry Smit says:

    Thanks dude! I did both methods just for good measure and am as lucky as a pig in mud!

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