My precioussss…iPod Touch

Posted: March 13, 2008 by ralliart12 in Pod dock
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There you have it: my 1st iPod. It’s a Touch, so tink iPhone minus phone minus camera minus AT & T. A lot cheaper, since I got it on a mass order. What you see is my full set up, which consists of the following items:

The black-&-red Sumajin leather case, which costs like $25 & is the cheapest, good-quality case you can find! In Challenger, iShop21, EpiCentre, you know, the usual suspects…next pls…

The Mylar X3i . Best IEM you can get for >$80. & wat’s more, comes with bi-flanges (not shown). I was on a Mylar XB previously & it was a bit bassy(which I kinda preferred) but sometimes that means muddy muffled highs & mids. So when these came out I actually topped up by a bit only, & got the best of ALL worlds, bass + clarity. Thanx to uncle Wilson @ Jaben, for the unbelievable service & top-up program.

Next, the Pièce de résistance: a portable amplifier, Visely.This was actually 1 of the primary reason I have to get an iPod for, to have a mp3 player with a proper raw, un-ampped line-out dock. The picture speaks for itself, & well, I’m definitely enjoying the sound so much, I’m not going back to no-amp-world ever!

Btw, that piece of inter-connect with the snake-skin/carbon-fiber-like weave is another work of art…Again, outstanding recommendation by uncle Wilson @ Jaben, & procured at a very reasonable price as well…

  1. SnOwAnGeL says:

    Like ur photos! I know I should be focusing on the gadgets, but the way u present them r so cute ^-^

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