My iPod Touch Springboard

Posted: March 13, 2008 by ralliart12 in Pod dock
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My current Springboard alternates between this 2 scheme:

The pictures speak for themselves. Took me quite a lotta effort to install those apps up there, & even more effort to maintain them. Sometimes I wonder why I do it at all…& you have not seen my other customizations yet, my “no artworkimage in the music player app, my unlock screen, my battery meter, my music player buttons, etc.

Any queries, just drop me a message & I’ll get back to you…

  1. Robson says:

    I have an iPod touch 32GB 1.1.4 firmware jailbroked and with some apps and I would like to know how to do this with my ipod, i’ve tryed with some apps lika as customize and I had no success with this process.
    Please help me!

    thanks for while.

  2. ralliart12 says:

    Hi Robson, thank u for dropping by, by “…would like to know how to do this…”, do you mean you will like to know how to perform the screen shots(cos it seems u have already jailbroken)?

    If so, just download the LATEST version of ScreenShot 1.3.0 & install it via Installer. Rem, get the latest 1.3.0 version, as the previous 1.2.x versions caused huge problems if you leave it running & then restart ur iPod. Even with the latest version, I recommend EXPLICITLY turning the function OFF after u r done with it.

    Well, other than that, I believe you will have no problem using the software, & my 3 by 2 is basically a stitch done in PhotoShop.

    Thanx for dropping by!

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  4. al-Mudura says:

    Your blog is interesting! Keep up the good work!

  5. ralliart12 says:

    Thank you al-Mudura!

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