Items bought during IT Show 2008 – Part 3

Posted: March 13, 2008 by ralliart12 in Technopia
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Finally, we have the small players. Bought my set of 3rd-party inks for my still-incredibly reliable Brother DCP-115C printer (which I got for free with my laptop purchase). A full set of Brother ink (2 blacks + the 3 colors) will set you back close to $60 outside, but I got my 3rd party set for just $30 (1 black + 3 colors).

& that, which I didn’t get at the IT Show, but at my campus DURING the show period. It’s a portable emergency backup power source! Quite a mouthful, got this highest capacity one for $60, & well, compare its design to other, I say it’s well worth it. The actual thing is smaller than it looks. Blue indicator + iPod white casing, wat can I say?

Downside is 7hrs of input to give 2hrs of output, well, at least I dun have to bring all my individual charger for my iPod & mobile phone anywhere

Well, that’s the end of my IT Show ’08 segment. Too bad the camera I wanted wasn’t there…


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