Hello? I’m from SoC, can u hear mi…?!

Posted: March 11, 2008 by ralliart12 in academia
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Disclaimer: that “digital economy” doesn’t support cellphones. Apparently there is no reception in the new COM1 building, that was kindly given to us computing folks by the kind souls of our Law faculty, so they have to suffer in their new, miserable, Bukit Timah Campus. Well, now now…I tot for once lawyers can be trusted to be without agenda…but hell no:

At the leading IT & Computing faculty of our prestigious university campus, we offer to disable the use of mobile phones via our students. Sure, there’s lots of inconvenience when you are trying to find your project mates, telling your parents you will not be dining home due to overnight lab crunches, etc, but at SoC, we believe that’s a small price to pay to make students concentrate on their work.

Wat do ya tink, SoC peeps? Anybody else experiencing this wonderful disservice, or is it just mi?

  1. […] on the heels of SoC’s no-cell-zone fiasco, we see that NUS’s finest has proven its mettle…once again. Published […]

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