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Have to finish ’em sooner or later 😦

ralliart12 versus SnOwAnGeL: Youtube

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Today SnOwAnGeL says she got one ultimate incredible Youtube video, which is the following:

She was so proud of it until I showed her mine, which is the following:

I’m sorry, SnOwAnGeL, you lose. & just to make sure you are convinced of absolut defeat, eat this:

And this:

Why does it always rain on me?!

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Was waiting for the A1 shuttle bus to get from AS6 block to Biz faculty. Heavy rain; inconvenient to walk there. Waited for 15mins but to no avail. Have an umbrella & finally decided to use it. The moment I unfurled my unbrella shuttle bus came! I swear to God(or swear at, if he’s doing it again), just a sec before there were no buses in sight!

On a totally unrelated incident(I’m sure), it started raining the exact moment I stepped outta Ailjunied MRT station the day before! So, sorry to the folks there & then, it ain’t my fault the big fellow up there doesn’t really like mi 😦


Previously while I was testing out the N81, 1 of my more significant complaints about the S60 interface was that it wasn’t able to give one-touch access to recent contacts from the message recipient field. This was a feature present on my Samsung U600, which I find particularly useful, especially when you are constantly replying to all the sms barrage from your 3 project mates.


I was rushing out a sms the other day when I notice the S60 message recipient field does have some quick access after all. Just key in the 1st few letters of your contact which you wish to sms…


Hit the scroll key (or what most of us inaccurately termed “Enter” key) & the list of contacts with matching strings appears! Well, that’s some redeeming factor for ya!

Paisley & Cream

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Paisley & Cream is a quaint little cafe sitting in a corner of The Central, it looks lovely & cozy… The first time I walked past it, I was attracted to the nice décor and unique name, but it was closed that day. I made it a point to re-visit it the next time I’m at Central. Well, it turns out that the café sells ‘beautiful’ cupcakes! Stepping inside the café, u will definitely spot photos of old Hollywood on the walls and a dazzling chandelier.


Well, I was attracted by the pretty sweet things in the showcase… cupcakes! I picked this(1st photo at the top) – vanilla cupcake, paired with mocha cappuccino. The presentation is really lovely. As for the cake, it was slightly on the dry side though.


The only reason why the café is not very crowded is due to its location. It’s a little hard to spot. So for those who need directions, it is next to the river, by the side of Coleman Bridge.

Dish rating

Paisley & Cream
#01-09 The Central (above Clarke Quay MRT Station)
Tel: 6534 7962
Opens 10am to 9pm (Sunday to Thursday) and 10am to midnight (Fridays and Saturdays)


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“Sorry, these marks ain’t worth my integrity. Take your precious lab score & get lost”


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Just wanna share my miserable collection; I dun smoke btw.

Last one’s my favourite:

So, I was chilling at the Biz canteen the other day, & I realized the foolproof way to differentiate a NUS SoC student from a NUS BizAd student: NUS BizAd students are happy, smiling all day long; while SoC students, well, we typically always look as if a server has just crashed somewhere…

Dun believe? Try it out, pop into COM1, grab any random, or as they say in Computing, “arbitrary” SoC undergrad & see if he/she is smiling. The seniors are not much better, the best they can do? Look serious, but nope, no smiles here. Anyway, sad to say, this will be the last semester (I heard) that I can still try out for a transfer.

Passion for consumer electronics != Passion for computing…:-(

Heachache: a cure for headache itself

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Have fever + headache today. Wanna purchase “Panadol for Fever” from my local convenience store, but guess what, the whole Panadol’s portfolio is up there on the shelf except the variant against Fever. Well done, Lady Luck 1, me, -0.


Our world-class transport system has trumped efficiency once again! A new scheme they silently implemented over the years made it possible for them to cart more folks per bus! Now, the terminals will accumulate enough passengers to fill each bus to its brim, before initiating 1 trip, maximizing bus utilization! It’s that simple.

To sign up, just queue at a bus terminal near you…